Friday, May 29, 2009

Dangers of surfing the web.

Ship graveyard. This would be so cool to visit.

Squirtgun umbrella...might as well make that rain water useful.

Walk like a china-doll...porcelain dress.

I need a tie now!

An Abi bookshelf. :D

Oh...this does explain a few things.

So there really is a seperation of church and state.

Monday, May 25, 2009

What would I be without these hilarious humbling moments?

At the greenhouse it is great fun to scare co-workers. Heck. It's great fun to scare anyone. And it's relatively easy to do at the greenhouse since you deal with a lot of absorbed workers.

I was pretty hyper the other day at work (a rather common occurance, but it keeps me motivated) and I had run up to the front where the break-room and retail store are to grab my mp3 player. There's a half-wall with cupboards that divides the break room from the store half and I heard someone in there.

Out of impulse I decided it would be a great idea to scare I crouched down behind the wall ready to jump and freak them out. I peeked around the wall and to my horror I saw that it was Nick...a brand new guy who was taking over management for the weekend....I froze in horror with no time to change my position.

I stood up just as he came by...he skidded off to the side and shouted, "What are you trying to do!?

I was utterly embarrassed caught red-handed as I was...I mean...there is really no excuse for being crouched down on the floor.

"I'm sorry! I thought you were one of the girls." I yelled, laughing so hard at my predicament I had to brace myself on the table.

Wanted to sink right through that floor. Grr..

I think I stick to scaring those I can see.

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Era of Tolerance, Age of Weakness

I like my title.

I know...that was just a really conceited thing to say...but honestly it states very well what I was thinking about today. And if you live on planet earth you probably know what I'm talking about...Yes, the world we live in today.

Tolerance is everyone's motto. And it seems like a good one...for when it is applied...the world should be a peaceful place. It doesn't mean you have to agree but everyone needs to accept everybody elses differences. We need to see each other as unique and creative. Even if such 'uniqueness' and 'creativity' is brazen sin.

I am trying to be careful how I say this but as a Christian I cannot accept this secular viewpoint comfortably. Am I really saying that Christians should be intolerant? Yes. Absolutely yes.

I don't believe I ought to accept gay peoples beliefs nor will I tolerate them being shoved in my face (as someone recently tried to do). Depending on the situation, I don't think it is necessary to walk up to every gay person and declare that I don't agree or accept their actions but if they attempt to shove them on me...I'll let them know I won't tolerate that.

What we need to be careful of as Christians is remember that these people are also made in the image of God. Christ, the Great Physician, came for the sick--not the well.

Being tolerable to everything leaves one wide open for a few too many disasters. And when we aren't we are immediately jumped upon.

As a Christian, I don't believe it's possible to be accepting in this way. If we are then we must deny Christ, the Way, the Truth, and the Life. Yes, Christianity is not accepting of gays, or Buddhism, or Muslims....this does not mean we cannot treat them with Christian charity but I think we do need to define the line.

Friday, May 15, 2009

The forces of evil have come.

I am crushed. But not broken.

It is almost disappointing… only being bruised. It means one has to go on.

It means you have to keep fighting.

The desire to run, to hide, overwhelms.

The want to strike back, tempts.

I want to hold it all in.

I want to let it all out.

I want you to know I care. I really am concerned.

Don’t play these games of hide and seek.

Chumming up one day and brushing off the next.

Only tell me how I have offended and I will mend my ways.

I value your friendship, your laughter, and our endless chatter.

Where are the jovial days of yesterday?

This ignorance is not bliss. Only tell me…

Tell me what is wrong.

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Sad day

This blog just might fall apart. I came back to work yesterday and discovered the saddest fact: Chuck quit. And now...I don't know if I'll have any more stories about work.

Ken has replaced him. He's actually quite scary looking...the furthest looking from a 'Ken' you can get. A big barrelly man whose only form of communication so far is Grunt. A language which I don't find very informative.

The greenhouse has been absolutely crazy lately because they've been shipping so many loads every day. Keeping up with watering, cleaning, and picking is enough to make someone lose their mind. The miscommunication that goes on there doesn't help much.

Here's an example of our sophisticated conversations.

Me: What do you want me to load on this cart?

Crystal: Moonlight Strawberry, Moonlight Raspberry, Blues, Calypso, and let me see...and some tango too.

Me: Moonlight?? I don't even know what that is.

Crystal: They're up front and some are over here.

Me: Alright so we need Moonlight Cherry, Moonlight strawberry..

Crystal: No, no, no...moonlight strawberry and moonlight raspberry and blues and calypso

Me: Wait! I can't remember all of those...I'll just do the moonlight cherry and raspberry.

Crystal: It's strawberry and raspberry.

Me: Right.

::Lydia goes off and returns 5 minutes later::

Me: Crystal...those aren't moonlight raspberry down's American Raspberry. Do you want American or moonlight? or is there even moonlight raspberry.

Crystal: I don't know...that just what Lynelle said.

::She goes marching off to Lynelle and I follow::

Crystal: Lynelle, does the list say Moonlight or American for the raspberry?

Lynelle *scowl*: Moonlight.

Me: Well there are no moonlight strawbery...err..I mean there are no moonlight raspberry. Only moonlight strawberry and cherry but there is American raspberry.

Lynelle: Are you sure you looked?

Me: Yes.

:: all three march off to following and moaning about the tragedies of this job::

Crystal: Juan, do we want moonlight raspberry or american raspberry? We can only find moonlight strawberry and cherry and american raspberry and we don't know which we should load.

Juan: There's no moonlight strawberry?

::everyone starts explaining at the same time::

Juan *highly stressed looked*: I don't know! Load what you want. No don't! Just don't load anything american....

....and thus life goes on....

Saturday, May 2, 2009

Soren James.

Mommy and Baby.

He's so cute!