Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Of Love and Logic

I realize it's human nature to defend and justify our sins...I am as culpable as anyone, and in so doing, recognize quickly how illogical a practice it is. There really isn't a "good" reason to sin, although we frequently do it in the interest of momentary self-gratification, which can easily mask itself as a good reason in a purely emotional mindset. This explains the commonalty of society's defence of immoral behavior; they have a lot of emotional arguments on their side, which may be effective in a secular realm, but will not survive in God's kingdom.

As a Christian, I see the consequences of sin, whether they are physical, spiritual or psychological, as natural boundaries put in place by God. Whether you believe in God or not, you are still bound by the laws of nature on this earth.

When God says, "Do not commit adultery" the fact that God tells us not to do something should be a pretty compelling reason...but we're fallen and susceptible and drawn to the forbidden, which causes us to sin frequently, even though we know there will be consequences. God is a god of love AND logic and He does not give us mindless commands. God truly wants what is best for us. Adultery is a sin, yes, but it also hurts and destroys our marriages, our children and cripples us spiritually. It destroys our sense of trust in ourselves and other people...the consequences differ from person to person, but are all disagreeable.

Adultery is just one example and is rarely treated as defensible, BUT the facts about it remain true for many sins. Homosexuality is one sin which is commonly condoned and even celebrated, and although it is not my intention to write an enormous post on every possible argument surrrounding this issue, I do want to touch on one aspect. I am fully aware of the temptation to sin and why we commonly indulge, but I do not favor arguments in favor of homosexuality simply because “it's what they want/need” and non-support is framed as unloving, hateful and/or unfair. It has been said that they can't “help” being who they are...it is not a choice they are making.

I recognize that some people legitimately struggle with being attracted to members of the same sex – just as some of us legitimately struggle with alcoholism, lying, or pornography...but indulging these sins does not help or heal us. If you struggle with homosexuality, acting on the temptation to engage in homosexual acts is not going to help you. The temptation is not the sin, but the act. If I support and help you in securing what you desire, I am not displaying love when I know that what you want will hurt you. As I pointed out in the beginning, sin has consequences. God condemns homosexuality (1 Corinthians 6:9) and tells us that they will not inherit the kingdom of God.

Supporting, allowing or encouraging people to engage in homosexuality is hurtful to them, and the negative health effects associated with homosexuality are overwhelming.

-Risky behavior is on the rise among homosexuals
-Promiscuity is almost inevitable, multiplying diseases exponentially
-Hepatitis (which increases the risk of liver cancer)
-Gonorrhea, which can cause permanent fertility damage
-Syphilis, which can lead to mental disorders, blindness and death
-High Incidence of Mental Health Problems among Homosexuals
-Lower Life Expectancy....by 8-20 years! One study concluded that half of the population of gay or bisexual men will not reach their 65th birthday

Let me also add that God loves all of his creation and wants us to be with Him. He doesn't cause us to sin or revel in our doing so. His desire for us is to resist temptation and equips us with knowledge and discernment. However, God also gave us free will – which is often when we find ourselves in trouble.

I know there are many issues we could discuss here, but today I just wanted to point out this one and ask you, even if you remove religion, if it is really logical or loving to endorse such personally devastating behavior?