Thursday, February 4, 2010


Johann Bach once said something like, "music is simply hitting the right note at the right time." This is basic and true - but the act isn't or we would all be musicians. Life is like music. It can be beautiful, intricate, peaceful, resonate and bounding. It requires hitting the right note at the right time. Music demands patience of her pupils. It is arduous and difficult and she always wants your very best. So God demands our best. It is not simple, but as we look at the composers and martyrs from ages past we desire it and know it is worth it.

Practice makes perfect. In frustration we may bang the keys and their unwillingness to cope with taut fingers and strained mind. We must learn to not strive for perfection but excellence. Carry on through clashing chords and screeching strings and listen for the beat and rhythm of life.

Even great composers did not always find composing simple...the masses of notes spread hither and thither look like childish ugly ink patterns…until they are arranged by their creator. We all blunder in life but we must not let these imperfections stop us from being the scattered notes composing the harmony and melody of Christ’s kingdom