Wednesday, May 4, 2011

In Defense of Men

We women have been on the rampage for our rights in this country for well over a century now. 163 years to be exact since we demanded and attained our right to be treated equally with men. In the name of Equality we accomplished a lot to prove our individuality and ability. Already 118 years since the women of Colorado became the first in the nation to vote legally.

I enjoy the right to vote as much as anyone but I'm afraid the movement lost its motivation to gain equality long ago. We are no longer proving we're "equal to men" but have veered dangerously off that course to an ideal greater than that.

As a Christian, I have never doubted my "equality to men". Why should I? God created us equally, yes, but that has nothing to do with the roles of men and women. How ridiculous and impossible it is for men and women to try and be the same. It can't and won't work. I no longer see women trying to attain equality with men, no, they want to be above men, and worst of all, above any and all authority.

We're so consumed with this goal that somehow it makes perfect sense that we should have control over everything that touches our lives....especially when it comes to pregnancy. It's our body, end of argument. We have a right to do what we wish in this area as well. No matter that the child growing inside us could not and would not be there if half of the chromosomes which formed her were not from a man.

My question is this, why do women have unlimited rights? Why and how does she have total say over how this child will affect its father?

I am a woman and I am pregnant. Legally I have 3 options.

1.) Parent the baby. In which occurrence I can force, if need be, the father to pay child support. In this case, he will legally be recognized as the father and has parental rights.

2.) Make an adoption plan. In which case, under ND law all effort must be made to contact the father and he has every right to either give or deny permission for an adoption. Parental rights totally recognized.

3.) Abort the baby. In which case, not being a minor, I need absolutely nobody's permission. I don't even have to tell its father. He has, to be precise, no parental rights.

Why is it harder to make an adoption plan, where my child could be received and loved by a family, than to kill it? Why am I the sole arbiter of life or death of another human being? And who says when this time of being an arbitrator should end? If I kill my child in utero, I am simply doing what was best for me and my life. If I kill my child when she is 3 months or 3 years, I am a murderer and will be sentenced even if I have the exact same reasoning for my actions in both cases.

It appears that women have replaced God and His authority with themselves. We no longer recognize life as a gift and something to nurture and treasure, but as something we may give or take at will. We need to step down and realize what we have done to ourselves and our men, but most importantly, how we have put God in a box so we can attempt to live our lives free of consequence.

Men need to be just that and take initiative. They were created to take care of and defend women. Not because women are helpless but because women have a different role to fulfill. When we strip men of their ability to protect (yes, this includes their child in utero) a whole slough of problems begin to ferment.

I am frustrated with laws that are inconsistent. Laws which recognize a father in every instance except when it comes to the option of death.