Monday, January 18, 2010

Truth is Simple. In an exquisite fashion.

"Do not think that love, in order to be genuine, has to be extraordinary. What we need is to love without getting tired." -Mother Theresa

"Friendship is unnecessary, like philosophy, like art...It has no survival value; rather it is one of those things that gives value to survival." -Jack Lewis

"It is amazing how complete is the delusion that beauty is goodness." -Leo Tolstoy

"A great point is gained when we have learned not to struggle against the circumstances God has appointed for us." -H.L. Sidney Lear

Thursday, January 14, 2010

On Culture:

"Also contributing mightily to the growing acceptance of Euthanasia is a form of pervasive cultural decay that I call ' "terminal nonjudgmentalism" ' (TNJ). Our society has become so steeped in relativism, so unable to distinguish right from wrong, that is increasingly fails to react to or criticize truly reprehensible concepts or conduct. When destructive ideas and practices are not condemned, it is effectively a form of praise. That which is not seen as wrong must be right. As the winds of the death culture blow with increasing velocity, the vitality of the equality-of-life ethic withers."

Wesley J Smith, Forced Exit.

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Sight. Hearing. Touch. Smell. Taste.

I believe that covers the traditional five senses.

I was thinking today just how incredible each one is. How often I forget the wonder of even one. And how happy and grateful I am that Chance and the phenomenal Big Bang worked together to collaborate them. >>>>>>>Okay. That sounds absolutely ridiculous. God is an amazing creator.

In particular, I am so thankful for the sense of Smell. I think my nose is becoming more refined in it's ability to smell. I use it so much more of late! I have fallen into a dreadful habit of grudging the fact that I can't eat so many things. Actually that's not even it. Even stuff I can eat that shouldn't technically bother me, does.

I decided I'm going to revel more in the beauty of smell. Because really, although when we eat we use the sense of Touch (texture) and also Taste and Sight, these become almost nothing if there is no Smell. I suppose this is why I don't mind at all cooking things I can't eat. Smell spikes the imagination to grand heights ingraining itself in the memory. Which is why some people associate certain smells with poignant memories and places.

Begin Breathing in the world around you.

Life would be so bland without smell. Not only would the pleasure of eating be diminished but literally everything else with it. When I think smell, I think: Walks, Spring, Fall, Haying, Tae Kwon Do, Plants, Rivers, Books, Gardens, Grandma's house, Clothes, Paper, Ironing, Old Buildings, goes on and on.

Breathe yes, but inhale the savory, the twitchy, and the pungent with it.

Wallow in this beauty of Life.

Sunday, January 3, 2010


I don't know about you, but I have always been taught that I ought to respect old people. And although some old people make themselves a bit dis-likable there aren't usually very many reasons to disrespect them.

In general I have a keen desire to get to know the elderly and do my best to be courteous and conversational with them. I will also admit that sometimes my expectations of people are too great but in general I adjust to the fact that, they are indeed human, alright-ly. But it still knocked me a little breathless yesterday when I was chatting with Ruth & Jerry.

They are an elderly couple that comes every single day to Fry'n Pan for coffee. They are always discussing politics and seem to be most often on the conservative end of things. Don't ask me how but somehow she mentioned the death of her first husband which triggered my question of, "So, how long have you and Jerry been married?"

For which she began to explain that they weren't. I imagine some of my shock must have showed on my face. Of which I am not ashamed. It was an honest response. Jerry was sitting reading the paper with a rueful brow right across from her. Behind me I had a feeling all ears were stretched in my direction. The ears being all my co-workers and Tammy, an assistant manger.

Ruth turned determined upon me and demanded, "What? What is your little brain thinking?"

"It's thinking it doesn't quite agree with you." I replied trying to pull myself together and feeling like the people behind me might explode. Ruth raised her brows at me and Jerry sank even deeper into his paper. "That isn't how God intended us to be. I think it's wrong."

Ruth settled herself and began explaining that in general she would agree with me and saw my point of view. Jerry had proposed to her and they would have gotten married but they found out that taxes would change and it would be expensive. If she had been in child-bearing years...there would have been no question about marriage. She would never do that to her child and didn't like the idea of a child out of wedlock. But how it stood it was definitely easier...

It was about at this point that Tammy shouted, "Lydia!" and I quickly excused myself. I had food up to take out but I knew she did it for a deeper reason as well. She was a nervous wreck about getting into an argument with a customer. And probably strongly disagreed that I should discuss anything of that kind in a work-environment.

Tammy said something to me about, "yes, Ruth could be that way and not to bother about it."

"I don't mind, really, Tammy. We weren't fighting..and neither of us minded that we disagreed. It's okay."

I went over to her again to insure that she was alright. Explaining that she had in fact asked me and she replied that she appreciated my honest answer but her situation was just different.

::sigh:: I'm so sad that she doesn't see it as that big of deal. Especially when the reason was monetary.

It was so crushing having an old couple do this. Of all people, they have the most experience and you expect so much more. It is deplorable what state our present generation is in...but really...this is what we have for an example?

There are so many instances in the bible where the elders teach the young. What happened? Do we see this today? Did they give up? It felt so odd telling people at least 3 times my age how they ought to behave.

I pray not. We need to bring back respect and with it the biblical concept of teaching and learning.