Friday, April 2, 2010

I sure hope God has a sense of humor. I mean, it's pretty obvious he has a sense of humor - Look at the platypus - clearly a hodgepodge. And the pig with its curly little tail ridiculously out of proportion to its body...and look at man. But if we are laughable it is more because of brains than our bodies.

We, the creation - creation not creator - always trying to haggle deals with God. Convincing ourselves God doesn't see all things and know all things. We are like the thief who is sure he'll get away with his stealing though for umpteen years -thieves are repeatedly caught - but unlike the thief there is no chance we will get off scot-free.

Why do we choose to pretend we can set the rules or that we are least equals with God? Creator - Creation, King - Servant, Master - it because we feel uncomfortable? We should feel a little unnerved! We ought to remember Nebuchadnezzar and his time spent in the fields. I think too often we want to make God our buddy-friend. God is not our buddy and we are not equal to him. This does not mean God is distant and angry, rather, if we maintain a biblical perspective then repeatedly we see God as a father: loving, protecting, guiding, and correcting his wayward children. Whatever example we look at in the bible whether it be Abraham, Moses, David, Paul or any of the disciples, they were who they were because they reverenced God, and because they humbled themselves before Him. And though in the New Testament Christ laid down new commandments never is this concept swayed.

On bended knee we bow before Christ the King, our Maker and Redeemer.

On bended knee we plead of him Mercy and Forgiveness.

That we may rise, Forgiven, Humbled, and Freed.