Wednesday, April 27, 2011

The other day a friend asked me what made me passionate about pro-life. I found the question startling because I'd been muddling about the same thing of late. I was intrigued enough to pose the same question to my mom and husband to see if they had a cut and dry answer....for all of us it seems it was not one experience but a culmination of discussions and realizations which led us to recognize what happens when we accept abortion as a reasonable "answer" to the world's problems. The problems which are culture is experiencing begin long before a girl finds out she pregnant. Unwanted pregnancies are not the problem, the conundrum is how we got there and why we're dealing with the question.

The following is a gist of how I answered my friend:

"It's so funny that you asked about why I am pro-life because I've been thinking about it myself a lot lately. It surprises me in some ways that I am as passionate about it as I am because I have never had any personal experience with it nor did I know anyone who had had an abortion before I got involved.

Part of it is my impulsive nature. When I do something, I'm either involved 100% or not at all. When I did TKD I went religiously every week and did not become involved in other things so that I could concentrate fully on it. I have always been "pro-life" in a certain sense I guess, morally I would have always argued for life.

In 2009 when I went to a camp and actually learned something about the topic and also how I could become involved; I threw myself on top of the opportunity. I felt fulfilled in a certain sense, like I'd been looking to do something of this nature for a long time but didn't know how to find it. God just opened one door after another.

I'm not an angry pro-lifer but what angered me was the injustice of abortion, the amount of lies which are told regarding it, and how many people are hurt because of it. Everything about abortion is so anti-American and to know it happens every single day in this country really troubled me. I honestly believe that most people who side with abortion are not doing so because they are horrible people who like to kill babies but because they really do not understand what abortion involves nor the consequences that surround it from society and families but especially how it affects women.

I believe that how one views the issue of life shapes their view on how they perceive everything else. When I saw how rock-solid John was about being Pro-life and how it affected all of his kinda made me fall in love with him quite hopelessly."

So yes, I am passionate about being pro-life and I am willing to do what I am able to bring an end to abortion and educate others on why it matters. Quite simply it is a matter of Life or Death. Not just the life and death of precious human life, but of our culture, society and our nation.