Monday, January 2, 2012


Years ago my dad was going through The Shorter Catechism with us and in answer to the question, "What is chief end of man?" we memorized "Man's chief end is to glorify God, and to enjoy him forever." It's only a broad brushstroke of an answer but it is so true. I often find myself asking, "what is my purpose here?" and getting all frustrated and frazzled. If I adjust the question though and ask, "am I glorifying God in this?" it really changes my focus. Realizing that we are to glorify God in ALL things rather than just the really big ones is so vital. In this next year I want to see to it that I do this every day. What a joy to know that as I clean house, make meals, change diapers, constantly cleaning off spit-up and spend time with my little girl and husband I am not only bringing them pleasure at the same time I am glorifying God. Nothing against ministries outside the family - I endeavour to support them as well, but far too often I think the home is not seen as a real and chief place of ministry.

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motherofmany13 said...

When things get really tough in life, this is what I,too, focus on. It is what keeps one going through the hard times and gives one greater joy in the everyday. Also, I really love you and your writing.